August 17, 2018
The fact of the matter is, Eilyn Cueto’s commitment to the field of design began at a very young age, although she didn’t realize it until later. She was born and raised in Miami, where her father would take her to the local hardware store. While there, she would convince him that her mother had allowed her to buy paint, so that she could paint her bedroom. Once home, she would lock her bedroom door, paint the room and then put everything back in a new and different way.

Eilyn Cueto

Eilyn Cueto graduated high school at the tender age of 16. Understandably, she really didn’t know what she wanted to do for a career. For a time, it was between become a lawyer, although her heart wasn’t in it, or a career in design, so she decided to travel for awhile, so as to figure out what she wanted to do. She fell in love with Costa Rica and spent almost 6 years there, studying architecture and interior design, so by the time she returned to Miami, Eilyn felt prepared to open her own company, which is still going strong, serving clients all over Florida, nationally, and even internationally.